Scientific name: Philadelphus floridus Beadle
Common name: Florida Mock Orange
Family: Hydrangeaceae; Hydrangea
Flowering period: May
Habitat: river banks and rocky limestone slopes

Type locality: Cliffs of Coosa River, Floyd County, Georgia
Herbarium specimens: NY 186314 at Herbarium of the New York Botanical Garden, New York

Comments: In 1902 this species was collected by Biltmore Herbarium collectors in Floyd County and defined by Chauncey D. Beadle (1866-1950), a botanist from the Biltmore Herbarium in North Carolina.

Description: "A deciduous shrub 2-3 m tall with branching stems, the bark of the last season's shoots dark brown, exfoliating: Leaves oval or elliptic, the blades 4-10 cm long, 2-5 cm broad, acute at the apex, either rounded or narrowed at the base, the borders remotely toothed; they are glabrate above, sparsely pubescent on the lower surface, prominently 3-nerved, or occasionally 5-nerved, thin in texture, bright green above, pale beneath, falling in early autumn: petioles 3-7 mm long: flowers occasionally solitary but mostly 3-5, 3-4 mm wide, expanding early in May: pedicles and hypanthium appressed pubescent: sepals acuminate, the exterior surface appressed pubescent: stigmas not united." - Chauncey D. Beadle, 1902

Reference :
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Botanical exploration in Floyd County, Georgia

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