Scientific name: Oligoneuron album (Nutt.) Nesom
Syn. Aster ptarmicoides (Nees) Torrey & Gray var. georgianus Gray
Other synonyms: Solidago ptarmicoides (Nees) Boivin; Unamia georgiana (A. Gray) Greene; Unamia alba (Nutt.) Rydb.
Common name: White Upland Aster
Family: Asteraceae
Flowering period: September
Habitat: calcareus rocks, mountains, bluffs
Type locality: Near Rome, Floyd County, Georgia/Holotype
Herbarium specimens: Cambridge, MA

Comments: Aster ptarmicoides (Nees) Torrey & Gray georgianus Gray was for the first time collected in Floyd County, Georgia by Alvan Wentworth Chapman (1809-1899), physician and botanist from Apalachicola, Florida.

Aster ptarmicoides Torr & Gray : "Smooth or scabrous; stems {6 inch - 15 inch (15.24 cm - 38.1 cm) high} simple; leaves linear-lanceolate, 1-3 nerved; heads small, in a flat corymb; scales of the involucre imbricated in 3 or 4 rows, short; rays white. - Northern States.

Var. Georgianus Gray . Taller {1.5 feet - 2 feet (46 cm- 61 cm) high}, and more slender, corymbosely branched above; lower leaves lanceolate, sparingly serrate; corymb larger and more loosely flowered; ray-flowers sterile, the style short or abortive.- Mountains of Georgia. September." -A.W.Chapman, 1884.

Unamia georgiana (A. Gray) Greene/ Aster ptarmicoides, var. Georgianus, Gray. In habitat life the last, but less strongly fastigate, the cyme not flat-topped the lateral peduncles quite surpassing the terminal head, all the peduncles strongly bracteolate and the involucre still more acutely turbionate, the bracts narrow and acute, glabrous even marginally. The real character of this are here for the first time indicated. It is acutaly turbinate involucre of narrow pointed bracts which tells. The species seems to range westward from Georgia into the Indian Territory, and perhaps southern Missouri."- Edward Lee Green, 1903.

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