Scientific name: Isoetes appalachiana D.F. Brunton & D.M. Britton
Synonym : Isoetes engelmannii A. Braun var. georgiana Engelm.
Common name: Appalachian quillwort; Bigspore Engelmann's Quillwort
Family: Isoetaceae; Quillwort
Legal status: Imperiled in Georgia
Habitat: Shallow water in sluggish streams,

Type locality: Horse Leg Creek, a tributary of the Coosa River, Floyd County, Georgia
Herbarium specimens: (US)00067518 Washington, DC

Comments: Alvan W. Chapman (1809-1899), a physician and botanist from Florida collected the first specimen of Appalachian quillwort in Rome, Floyd County, Georgia in August 1872.

Description: Amphibious plant; corm fleshy, roots form lobed base; a few leaves, coarse, 10 - 15 inches long, slender, with 4 peripheral strands, light green; oval sporangia; velum narrow; thick megaspores 0.48 mm - 0.46 mm in diameter; microspores 0.028 mm - 0.031 mm long, smooth

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