Scientific name: Crataegus tristis Beadle

Common name: Minute Hawthorn, Hobo's Hawthorn

Family: Rosacae; Rose

Origin: Native

Blooming records: April 1901., April 24, 2005., April 06, 2007., April 08, 2009.

Fruiting period: the last of August

Habitat: VERY RARE! ENDEMIC! Woods on sandy hills in Rome, Georgia

Comments: In 1899 this species was discovered in Rome, Georgia by Charles L. Boynton (1864-1943), and Chauncey D. Beadle (1866-1950) , the botanists from the Biltmore Herbarium in North Carolina.

Type locality: on the hills about Rome, Floyd County, Northwest Georgia

Herbarium specimens: NCU , Chapel Hill, NC and US, Washington, DC

Locality: Etowah River Hill, South Rome, Floyd County, Georgia
Date: April 01, 2008, April 09, 2003: August 30, 2007;

In April 2005 the hawthorns' enthusiasts searched for Crataegus tristis Beadle, Minute Hawthorn, an endemic species in Floyd County for three days and rediscovered it in South Rome on April 24, 2005. The last time it was collected was in 1902 in South Rome and it was found in that area in 2005 after more than one hundred years. Zvezdana Ukropina-Crawford initiated the search.

Key and Description: - Chauncey D. Beadle," Notes on the Botany of the Southeastern States..." 1902a

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