Images of specimens MO/ID 02783545 at Herbarium of Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO., collected in Floyd County, Georgia. These specimens were included in Dr. Alvan W. Chapman's Herbarium before 1898.
Images were donated by James C. Solomon, a Curator of the Herbarium Missouri Botanical Garden, on June 10, 2006.

Scientific name: Carex purpurifera Mack.
Synonym(s): Carex laxiflora Lamrack var. purpurifera(Mack.) Gleason
Common name: Purple Sedge
Family: Cyperaceae; Sedge
Legal status: Threatened in Georgia
Flowering period: April to May;
Habitat: rich woods, calcareous soils.

Comments: Contrary to the believe that Carex purpurifera Mack. was discovered in Campbell County, Tennessee in 1923, the specimens of Carex purpurifera Mack. from Chapman's Herbarium at Missouri Botanical Garden tell us that the first collection of Carex purpurifera Mack. was found at the "Cliffs of the Coosa River" near Rome, probably between 1872-1890's by Dr. Alvan W. Chapman.

Description: "Culmus 3-4 dm (30-40 cm) tall. Blades 3-5 mm wide; sheaths purplish. Staminate spike 1.5-2 cm long, 1.5-2.5 mm broad; peduncle winged-angled, o.4-2.5 cm long; scales pale brown. Pistillate spikes 2-4, loosely flowered, 1-2 cm long, 4 mm broad, peduncles scaberulous, 0.4-4 cm long. Perigynia obovoid, 3.5-4.5 mm long, 1.5-2 mm broad; beaks short, straight or abruptly bent; Scales pale, 2-4.5 mm long, truncate with long awn. Nutlets subglobose, sides convex, 2 mm broad."-Radford, Albert E., Harry E. Ahles, and C. Ritchie Bell., 1968.

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Botanical explorations in Floyd County, Georgia
A.W. Chapman's collections from Floyd County

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